Our Founders

We are a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products to make people’s lives better

Our Story

We understands the best comfort in life, at home, and we are committed to provides innovative design for your lifestyle needs and expectations.

Founded by three dedicated men who believe in making fans that anyone would want to get along comfortably every day.

Mr. Ng Loke Khim, Mr. Allan Lee Tuck Wah and Mr. Desmond Thum joined their forces to welcome the official establishment of DEKA.

DEKA, known as lifestyle curator that understands the minds and moods of customers who seek the best comfort in life, at home.

In line with the company’s tagline, “INNOVATE THE FUTURE” we are committed to providing our customers with peace of mind through innovative design while considering their lifestyle needs and expectations. All selection of products is elegantly curated with extensive research and development to bring in a pleasant experience while also adapting to new technologies.

We believe in our capability to provide beautiful home comfort solutions for a better living environment. We want our customers to feel comfortable with their decision when they purchase from us, which is why we always make sure that all our customer needs are met before they buy from us.

DEKA, home creations that solve problems, offer comfort and create an aesthetically pleasing space for happiness and high quality of life.




1. Establish a strong brand name that is known for our quality fans and water heaters.

2. Make lives better with combined innovative technology and creative solutions.

3. To continue producing quality fans according to consumers’ needs at reasonable prices.

Awards & Certificates

DEKA’s growth and success has received constant external
recognition throughout the years.