About Us

logo_glow_h150Deka is the brainchild of three dedicated men who believed in making fans that would best apply to people in this day and time. Deka was established in November, 2009, the joint effort of Mr. Ng Loke Khim, Mr. Allan Lee Tuck Wah and Mr. Desmond Thum. Each of them plays a significant role in the company: Mr.Ng is the engineer whom is in charge of designing, maintaining and improving Deka’s products. Mr. Allan Lee on the other hand takes control of research and development while Mr. Desmond Thum evaluates and markets the end products.

Our Mission

To establish a strong brand name, whereby at the mere mention of quality fans and water heaters, consumers will immediately think of Deka.

To combine new technology and creative solutions to develop better products in order to enhance people’s lives

To continue producing quality fans according to consumers needs at reasonable prices.

Values and Philosophy

Deka takes pride in providing only the best. Well supported by a team of devoted workers and management, Deka constantly strives to improve and deliver products that are stylish, functional and of high quality. In fact Deka was the first to launch fans with LED lights in Malaysia.

In line with the company tagline, “A little makes a difference”, the company believes in going the extra mile in understanding the needs of consumers before committing to the production of a product. Instead of simply following market trends, Deka creates its products through careful research and development, knowing that every little initiative is worth the while.

Deka has had an exceptional growth in the past two years. With only 2 types of fans to begin with, Deka has now over 20 different types, comprising unique series of ceiling fans and wall fans. Just recently, Deka launched their new range of ceiling fans for 2013 – the iFan series which features a smorgasbord of impressive built-in Bluetooth 4.0 audio features. Touted as the first of its kind in Malaysia and the world, there are two models available – the iFan G and the iFan Q which are equipped with a built-in 20 watts amplifier and speaker that will playback audio source in crystal clear quality. Ideally suited for listening to songs or audio tracks from movies that are streamed directly from any of your Bluetooth device, the iFan range can be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled devices like your computer, notebook computer, iPad or smartphones. But that’s not all. Entertainment aside, the iFan range incorporates special featuresthat contribute to healthy living. Along with Deka’s unique 5-blade design and reverse wind capabilities, the iFan features the Electro Cold Plasma function. Fans aside, Deka has also diversified into a collection of water heater range.